Advanced Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation program at Garden Villa is a comprehensive approach to meeting the therapeutic need of our patients. Our rehabilitation professionals work closely with inpatients and outpatients to ensure comfortable and strong recovery. Therapy programs and schedules can be personalized to accommodate the specific needs of a patient for an efficient recovery process.

Advanced Therapy

Whether a patient is recovering from an injury or surgery, Garden Villa’s physical therapists are highly skilled in getting patients back to their full potential. While local hospitals provide excellent initial care, the true path to recovery happens at Garden Villa. Our therapy programs, which can include innovative Nintendo Wii therapy and aquatic HydroWorx therapy, are specially catered to our patients’ specific needs.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists work with patients to increase their independence by improving their ability to complete activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing and home management. They can also help patients to compensate for a permanent loss of function, in order to lead a more productive lifestyle.

Recreation Therapy

Staying healthy means staying active. Our certified recreation therapists specialize in engaging activities that promote emotional, spiritual, physical, cognitive and social wellness through art, horticulture, music, and sensory stimulation.

Speech Therapy

Our skilled speech therapists can assist patients with speech, swallowing, cognitive-communication and other related disorders. Speech and language problems can result from a variety of causes, and the condition of each disorder is often unique to the patient. Our therapists can develop an individualized program to meet a patient’s specific needs, empowering them to communicate independently and effectively.

Respiratory Therapy

At our Bedford location, our respiratory therapists evaluate, treat and care for patients with various breathing disorders. Therapy procedures are designed to properly assess a specific breathing disorder and to effectively alleviate discomfort. Our therapists can also educate patients and family on the various ways to cope with debilitating breathing conditions in order to lead healthy and comfortable lives.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at Garden Villa can assist patients suffering from physical challenges with managing pain, improving strength, increasing mobility and strengthening endurance. Therapeutic exercises can restore and optimize a patient’s physical independence, or provide a means of healthy activity for those coping with immobility. Our skilled therapists can implement an effective and comfortable program to meet the physical needs of any patient.

Aquatic Therapy

At our Bloomington location, our HydroWorx therapeutic pool offers the latest in aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy is a form of physical rehabilitation that utilizes the buoyancy of water to support the weight of a patient during exercise. Our HydroWorx pool is equipped with a number of specialized features for advances physical rehabilitation that helps to decrease stress on the joints and diminish the pain. Our trained professionals can assist patients with a HydroWorx program that meets their needs, and ensures a comfortable rehabilitation process.

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