Specialized Care

We are committed to serving individuals of all ages with intellectual disabilities. Located at our Bedford location as a special unit, our staff are trained with the latest methods of care and technology to ensure our residents are receiving the quality of care they deserve.

Michael's Story

Originally started as Michael’s House in 1969, we were named for our first patient, Michael, a bright young boy stricken with a profound developmental disability. He was unable to express himself or communicate, yet visible in his eyes was the wonder and hope of every child.

Michael moved into the special needs unit to receive the full-time care that his condition required. Our caring staff looked after Michael like he was part of the family, day in and day out, knowing that he would never be able to respond or communicate with them.

Then one bright day after a heavy spring rain, Michael took everyone by surprise. From his bedside window, Michael glimpsed a rainbow and reacted excitedly with smiles and sounds. For the first time, Michael had responded to his surroundings. No matter how severely he was affected by his disability, clearly, he possessed within him the wonder of a child.

It has been more than 30 years since Michael’s rainbow appeared outside his window. Garden Villa has always treasured the hope and meaning of that moment which is why the facility was originally named Michael’s House in honor of Michael.

As Michael has grown so has our facility. We have evolved from caring for our first pediatric patient to caring for those of all ages, with all types of needs. Today, we are Michael’s House and we are here to provide a home away from home for our patients and grow together as a family.

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Our Services


Along with regular physician visits, our services include, but are not limited to:

– Engaging learning, social, and developmental programming

– Expert, compassionate skilled nursing care in a homelike environment

– Access to therapies, including physical, occupational, and speech

– Expressive recreational therapies, including art, music, and pet

– Intergenerational programming

– Educational programming through OLJMG Joint Services in conjunction with Bedford North Lawrence School Corporation

– CIH and group facility habilitation waiver services through TSI Mentor

We also provide daily activity programs, planned community outings, and behavior management workshops.

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Our nursing and social service team offers comprehensive services to help each individual reach his or her full potential.

– Tracheostomy, ileostomy, colostomy, and gastrostomy therapy and care

-Respiratory therapy 7 days a week

– Enteral and parenteral nutrition

– Central line access and care

– Wound care

– Glucose monitoring

– Dietary planning

– Medication administration and monitoring

– Assessment, programming  and tracking

– Annual and quarterly multidisciplinary care plan meetings

Michael's House Wall Murals

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Sensory Stimulation Therapy

A sensory stimulation environment is a room used to provide a quiet, controlled space. It is an artificially created venue that uses sensory equipment to stimulate the senses and encourage pleasure and feelings of a comfortable well-being. The sensory stimulation program is designed to promote choice, interaction and relationships through planned stimulation of an individual’s senses. It can help with the following goals:

– Increase or maintain self-esteem, personal identity, social confidence and interaction

– Maintain or increase communication

– Reduce isolation or withdrawal

– Reduce anxiety, stress and depression

– Maintain or increase control and empowerment

– Reduce agitated behavior

– Reduce periods of wandering

– Reduce sleep disturbances

Admission Information

A multidisciplinary team of health care professionals is available to evaluate and assess all referrals for placement in our facility. The patient must have had his or her injury or illness onset before age 22. For your convenience, we can come to your home or hospital to evaluate you or your loved one. Whether you’re in our backyard in Lawrence County or states away, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss you or your loved ones needs.

Short-term, long-term and respite care admissions are welcome.

For more information on admissions, please contact us or call our Bedford location at 812.277.3730.

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